Doing What He Loves to Help Others


By: Gabriel Sustick

“I tried starting my own design companies involving t-shirts but never felt fulfilled by doing it. I believe in this philosophy that you need to be constantly growing and if I’m not I get annoyed at myself.  You can make money starting your own company, selling t-shirts, making a mobile app.  But I realized I wanted to help other people and focus on that, which is what I call social entrepreneurship or social impact which is when you can create a company or have an idea that goes directly towards the betterment of someone’s life.  Coming to Rutgers helped me because I began to see all of the problems in the world and met people that also wanted to find ways to help solve those problems.  That brought me to my main focus now, which is called Chakara Foods, a project to get access for 10 million people to get sustainable food by the year 2022.  My team and I will be heading to Boston to participate in a global competition against other groups who have ideas to help the world.  I started in this place with no ambition and now I’m flying, taking new opportunities and meeting new people.  I want to make my life something I’m proud of.  You need to set your goals higher and higher, and when you reach that goal set another one higher, because you should never be happy staying where you are if you think you can do better.”

–Daniel Reji